Pharmacy Program

The Pharmacist provides medication management and works with the inter-professional team to best meet the needs of clients.

A critically important action taken to improve safety across transitions of care is medication reconciliation, which involves the pharmacist working with Providers and community pharmacists.

As a member of the inter-disciplinary primary care team the pharmacist assists the Primary Care Providers with:

  • Selecting the best medications for the patients
  • Selecting the best medication regimens for the patients
  • Documenting medication-related information
  • Providing a complete medication review
  • Screening patients for Medication Related Problems
  • Providing information to practitioners
  • Tapering opioids and benzodiazepines
  • Educating clients about their medications

Pharmacist consultations and interventions have led to:

  • Improved adherence to treatment guidelines
  • Preventing complications from Drug Related Problems (DRP), which may lead to life-threatening complications and/or emergency dept. visits or hospitalization
  • Preventing drug interactions through “good catches”