High Risk Wound and Foot Care

High Risk Wound and Foot Care

The BQWCHC High Risk Wound and Foot Care program was initiated in 2015 in order to prevent and treat foot and lower leg complications.

Diabetes and impaired circulation disorders can be a risk. Often diabetes and impaired vascular complications compromise the healing ability of the lower extremities. People with diabetes often have a loss of sensation in their feet, known as neuropathy, as well as poor circulation. These factors contribute to possible leg and foot ulcers, infections and delayed healing. The most dreaded outcome is a potential foot/leg amputation.

The program is designed to promptly identify the wound type and implement a plan to heal the wound(s) and prevent future reoccurrences.

Off-loading, compression and specific dressings may be used during the treatment.

Health teaching is provided as well as access to a chiropodist, pedorthist, dietician, and diabetes educators when required.

Referrals are accepted by any health care professional by faxing the referral form below to 613-962-5669.

To download the referral form, please click on the link below:

Wound Care Referral Form