Our videos are short, informative and fun, and cover a variety of topics to help improve health and well-being. Watch them free online. Some videos are based on our group programs and others offer information you won’t find anywhere else at our Centre. 

Life Skills for Healthy Living

Eat, Sweep & Be Savvy 1

Eat, Sweep & Be Savvy 2

Eat, Sweep & Be Savvy 3

Eat, Sweep & Be Savvy 4

Eat, Sweep & Be Savvy 5

Eat, Sweep and Be Savvy 6


Community Garden


Cookie in a Jar Recipe

Seated Exercise

Seated Exercise 1 – Introduction, Safety, Warm-Up & Stretches

Seated Exercise 2 – Upper Body Exercises

Seated Exercise 3 – Lower Body Exercises

Seated Exercise 4 – Cool Down & Stretches